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ACTO Consult OÜ
reg. code: 11039382

Ehitajate tee 114, 13517 Tallinn

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Registrations in Register of Economic Activities:

REA. reg.            Reg. date       Field of activity
TEL000090       09.11.2004     Electrical work
EEG000008      16.06.2004     Construction geological and geodetic works
EEH000127      15.06.2004     Construction
EEJ000058       16.06.2004     Construction management
EEP000074      16.06.2004     Designing (construction)
EEO000064      16.06.2004     Owner supervision
EEK000021      16.06.2004     Expertise of building
EPE000019      16.06.2004     Expertise of construction designs
FPR000166      26.04.2006     Designing (fire fighting equipment)
FEH000173      26.04.2006     Construction and maintenance (fire fighting equipment)
FKH000130      26.04.2006     Control and maintenance (fire fighting equipment)

The Police Board activity license No. PA-747-TU to design, install and maintain security systems.

The National Heritage Board activity license No. E 365/2008-E for conservation, renovation and repair projects on buildings under heritage protection, compilation of special provisions for heritage protection, heritage protection technical supervision.

ACTO Consult OÜ holds professional liability insurance with ERGO Kindlustuse AS.

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