Our focus is on your goal!

Are you looking for a professional engineer, skilful construction designer or a creative architect? ACTO Consult is not just building castles in the air or drawing illustrative pictures. Choose yourself professional cooperation partners who know construction down to the ground, who see a whole in the details and understand your world, needs and goals. Our strength is the construction design and management of the construction design of public buildings and apartment blocks that binds all the different parts into a unified working solution. We also draw up demolition projects and organise all the acknowledgements and permit documents for a new building or a reconstruction project, as well as for a demolition project. We perform examinations of the buildings, expertise and audits and also expertise for the construction designs. If needed, we also perform owner oversight.






Let’s get acquainted!

ACTO Consult is an engineering and architecture office whose workers are real professionals in their field. We construct the future and create modern and effective solutions.

The core of our professionals is composed of engineers who have started their careers in vocational school and as workers on the building site and have grown to be top-engineers through lifelong learning. With that, are we equipped with a very good understanding of the real life in the field of construction and therefore we can be the most efficient cooperation partner for the owner or client throughout the whole lifespan of the building.

To find the best engineering-technological solution within the limits of target cost is a challenge we deal with every day. We create solutions that are whole, functional, useable, buildable and fit within the target cost. The best solutions are born through knowledge, skills, experience, passion and flexibility.


As a client, do you know exactly what do you need and want? If not really, it is reasonable to dedicate much more time in the beginning to make clear your actual need and goal deriving from that. Otherwise it may happen that you need to spend much more money on changing the plan later or – even worse – on reconstruction of the building. We are glad to help you clarify your initial task!

Usually, the erection of a building is not an end in itself. The building is needed for a certain purpose – be it living, teaching children, holding lawsuits, producing something or any other purposeful activity. The functionality of the building does not just need to be packed in a “nice envelope”. A building needs to be planned according to its functionality and the functionality must fit in the environment and also be pleasant to look at.

Designing of a building is an art of making compromises. How to achieve a good and functional solution that also looks great within affordable costs? A right moment to think about this ideological conflict is while composing the initial task for the construction design, the last moment to think about it is in the beginning phase of the construction design. We are happy to help you with that!

Construction is an art of cooperation. A good or a very good result will be born only, if all the parties – the client, the project designer, the constructor, the person performing owner oversight, consultants, experts and others – will make an effort for and see the further aim behind their own task. That further aim is the achievement of the goal and function given by the client. Ask for help – let’s make the cooperation between the parties effective!