We all are always willing to get the best result and avoid mistakes. Construction is a field where making mistakes may be very expensive later and, in worst case, the removal of the mistakes might be impossible. It is reasonable to discuss things early on with a specialist knowing their field in-depth. Valuable advice definitely pays off the time and money spent on it.

During the consultation we will clarify your needs and wishes and find the way that best takes you to your goal. We will discuss which ways and solutions are optimal and what will one or another decision bring for you.

You can rely on knowledge, skills and experience of the experts of ACTO Consult. We offer consultation similarly to the lawyers based on agency agreement and we always make an effort in order to achieve the most favourable outcome for you.

Come to consult us also, if you do not have any vision of your own how to proceed in the situation you are in – solutions may sometimes be simpler than we think!

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