If you are the owner and planner of the future building, we can offer you a project management service to make your vision on the paper become reality. We will communicate with necessary authorities for you, help to find the builder, we will get the whole process going, perform supervision and keep the chart always on track and aim in front of the eyes.

Professional skills and personal traits of the project manager are of vital importance in putting up a building. Our work is based on the model of IPT (integrated project delivery). With a skilful use of this model it is possible that, in addition to the building being ready on time and remaining within the budget, also saving of time and money could be achieved during the period of building work, thus innovative solutions that raise the value of the building could be employed.

When using IPT model, all the parties related to the construction work as one team for a common goal. In that way much more is achieved compared to everyone “doing their own thing”. IPT is innovative and extremely effective method of project management, the working of which requires quitting old habits and ways of working. IPT method has proven itself for example in Finland, Australia and in California USA where all the bigger projects are carried out using this method.

By choosing yourself a project manager from ACTO Consult, you have made a big step closer to the result you wish to achieve.

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