In city environment, the construction of a new building often starts from demolishing an old one, therefore you need to get the plot clean in an effective and safe way. This is where a demolition project will help you – liquidating is as responsible and important as is the planning and construction of a new building. Also a partial or total demolition of a construction work is considered a building work and the same requirements apply to that as to the building work. For demolishing a construction work it is not enough to just have the demolition permit (building permit), everything that has “grown” to be part of the building throughout the years needs to be resolved, be it utility networks, traffic management, street lighting or green zones.

Demolition is dangerous, with many working accidents and oftentimes unpredictable building work. It demands a professional project and competent management of the work. Often there is no exact data about the building that is being demolished, which can bring even more disturbances into the demolishing work.

In the demolition project (among others) the following questions are answered:

  • How to guarantee the safety of the people on the building site?
  • What is the safe technological order for demolition works?
  • Will a support frame be needed, what kind of and when?
  • How to organise works and transport on the site?
  • Where to store waste and how to save the environment?
  • How to operate so that existing communications, such as traffic management, electricity, heating and water-supply, communication networks, street-lighting, sewerage network etc., would remain working for the neighbours?
  • How to be sure that we are not destroying cultural assets or protected natural assets and how to preserve green zones and neighbouring construction works?

Demolition does not need to be only a cost. Sometimes demolition waste can successfully be re-used in the building work – in that way you can save a considerable amount of money and save the nature.

As building without a permission, so is demolition without a permission punishable in an administrative order. Demolition project will guarantee you a desired result and safety. In conclusion, it will be more beneficial because it prevents the risks and disturbances.

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