You have an architectural design and you need designs of engineering parts for that? ACTO Consult offers engineering design with wholesome project management.

Engineering design means solving the technical aspects of the vision of the building created by the architect. This includes for example:

  • designing the structures of the building
  • planning the energy efficiency of the building
  • planning of the heating, ventilation and cooling systems
  • designing water and sanitation systems
  • planning electricity, low current and automation systems
  • planning the surrounding roads and squares and the network facilities underneath them

In addition to that there may be more specific systems, such as compressed air or special gases, special transport and many other. Modern utility systems are complicated and therefore it is reasonable that each area is handled by an experienced engineer who is specialised precisely in that area.

Management of the construction design

ACTO Consult is not just designing different systems of the building but is also doing the management of the design. That means that the activity of each engineer is being accorded with others and attention is paid to the building as a whole. Management of the design is extremely necessary – it guarantees the cooperation between different systems and makes sure that different systems (e.g. heating and cooling) wouldn’t work against each other.

Although engineering systems are usually hidden from the user of the building, they nevertheless make up an important share of the cost of the building and make themselves be noticed as soon as something is out of order. Engineering systems designed with high quality and integrity can, in a longer run, save a lot of money, or, the other way around, if not so designed, they may cause considerable costs and discomfort during the service life of the building.

Choose yourself a competent partner so you could be sure that the essential functions of the building work. Only that way you will construct a building that is economically reasonable and comfortable to use for long decades.

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